Diving centers

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Diving centers

Many diving clubs in Bouillante! It is not easy to make a choice. We tested several of them and as usual, there is good and less good everywhere.

Our preferences are simple.

We do not like the crowd.

We like taking our time.

The dive is a pleasure then there is no question which we are put under stress. Neither in the preparation, nor during the dive and even less later. Then “factories” … little for us.

Another important criterion is human relations: discussion, sharing, … the human!

Last criterion, the dive sites. Even though the sites of the Cousteau reserve are beautiful, exploring several times the same in the week, it’s a pity. Ilets Pigeon are not to be missed! But this is the easy solution for Malendure clubs. It’s not far, it goes fast, you can multiply the daily outings.

Our favorite club is Atlantis Formation with Vincent’s great team. The club is located after the Malendure beach. Continue towards La Touna restaurant and it is next to Le Mabouya. Why is this club still our preference? Simply because it meets all of our criteria. Vincent will introduce you to diving sites that he is the only one to explore. Our most beautiful dive was made on the site of Thomas with Damien.

On the beach of Malendure, there is PPK with Fred. Perfect in many points.

On the beach of Malendure, there is PPK with Stan and Bene.
Perfect in every way. Sometimes victim of his notoriety.

Moreover PPK remains mainly in the reserve Cousteau without forgetting wrecks and night dives. To do without limit.